Toothful Tidings: How to Enjoy New Year’s Drinks the Smile-Safe Way

December 22, 2023

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While you wait for the countdown to the New Year, nighttime celebrations turn to toasting drinks and clinking glasses. As you’re enjoying the festivities, don’t forget to consider how your choices may affect your dental health. New Year’s drinks can be fun and tasty, but they can also be full of ingredients that could compromise your pearly whites.

If you want to learn dentist-approved ways to enjoy New Year’s drinks, continue reading.

1. Choose Tooth-Friendly Drinks

Opt for beverages that are kind to your teeth. Water, herbal teas, and drinks low in sugar can be excellent choices. If you indulge in alcoholic drinks, consider options like white wine or clear spirits, and moderate your consumption. This will not only minimize staining on your teeth but will also ensure you don’t go overboard with the alcohol.

2. Sip on Water All Night Long

Alternate alcoholic drinks with water to stay hydrated. Water helps rinse away acids and sugars, reducing the risk of enamel erosion. It also kickstarts saliva production, which can help your mouth neutralize acids and prevent dry mouth to keep a healthy oral environment.

3. Use a Straw for Everything

Using a straw when drinking soda or alcohol can help minimize contact between the drink and your teeth. This reduces the exposure to acids that can weaken tooth enamel. Reusable straws come in a variety of shapes and colors, so you can easily find one that goes with your outfit or helps you stand out while enjoying New Year’s drinks.

4. Avoid Chewing Ice

Chewing on ice cubes can lead to dental disaster, including chipped or cracked teeth. If your drink is served with ice, and you must indulge, let it melt until it’s thin before you munch. Alternatively, you could go with celery or baby carrots to get your crunch fix.

5. Limit Sugary Mixers

Syrup mixers and sodas can activate bacterial plaque in your mouth leading to tooth decay. If you’re mixing drinks, choose sugar-free or low-sugar alternatives. Additionally, diluting these sugar-laden beverages with water or ice can reduce their impact on your teeth.

Taking care of your teeth while enjoying New Year’s drinks doesn’t have to be a buzzkill. If you follow the guidelines above and practice some moderation, you’ll be more than ready to celebrate as the ball drops. When you’re able, contact your dentist soon after and schedule your first appointment for the New Year!

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