Sedation Dentist – Upper Arlington, OH

How We Soothe Dental Patients’ Fears

Does the thought of visiting the dentist for any reason – even for a routine checkup – fill you with anxiety? Millions of Americans feel the same way, to the point where they simply choose not to attend their dental appointments. But dental fear shouldn’t stop you from taking proper care of your smile. We encourage you to let us know about your dental phobia or anxiety when you call Glamm Dentistry to schedule an appointment. Dr. Glamm, our skilled sedation dentist in Upper Arlington, OH, can offer a form of dental sedation that will make your visit much more relaxing – and much less stressful!


Why Choose Glamm Dentistry for Sedation Dentistry?

  • Different Types of Sedation Available
  • High-Quality, Community-Based Dental Office
  • Team That Treats Patients Like Family


Oral Conscious Dental Sedation

Dental patient receiving under oral conscious sedation dentistry

Oral conscious sedation places you in such an advanced state of relaxation that you might not even remember what happened during your treatment. If you select this option, you’ll be given a pill to take at a set time before your visit. The effects will start to kick in before your appointment begins, and they can linger for several hours after the treatment is complete. As such, you should make arrangements for a trusted friend or family member to bring you to our dental office and drive you home afterward.


Nitrous Oxide Dental Sedation

Dental patient receiving nitrous oxide dental sedation

Nitrous oxide is a highly common form of sedation that can help patients with mild to moderate dental phobia overcome their fear so that they can stay calm and comfortable during their appointment. While we work on your teeth, you’ll breathe in the sedative mixed with oxygen through a small mask fitted over your nose. Once your treatment is complete, we’ll remove the mask; you’ll only need a few minutes to recover, and once you do, you’ll be able to drive yourself home and continue your daily routine.