Material Matters: What’s the best Dental Crown Material for Excellent Results?

December 8, 2023

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If you’ve had a severely damaged tooth, your dentist may have suggested you get a dental crown. These “caps” surround an entire tooth, restoring both its appearance and its functionality. Best of all, there are many materials that crowns can be constructed from, giving you control over several properties of the prosthetic tooth. But how do you know what material to choose?

If you want to learn more about dental crown materials, continue reading. With this knowledge at hand, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on the future of your smile.

Why Does Material Matter?

Different materials have different looks and durability. Some crowns can be better for chewing while others are best for showing off. Your dentist will help you make the decision on which material to use for your crown based on these factors. However, it can help speed up the process if you’re informed before your appointment.

Here are some of the best materials that your dentist may offer for dental crowns:

Gold Crowns


  • Exceptional durability.
  • Minimal tooth removal during preparation.
  • Biocompatible and non-corrosive.
  • Great for back teeth where they won’t be seen.


  • Appearance may not suit everyone.
  • Higher cost compared to other materials.
  • Conducts temperature, potentially causing sensitivity.

Zirconia Crowns


  • High strength and durability.
  • Has a natural appearance and can be color-matched to surrounding teeth.
  • High stain-resistance.
  • Good for front teeth.


  • Requires more tooth removal than gold.
  • Can be abrasive against opposing teeth.
  • More expensive than other ceramic options.

Porcelain Crowns


  • Excellent aesthetic match to natural teeth.
  • Biocompatible and resistant to stains.
  • Suitable for front teeth.
  • An affordable option.


  • Not as strong as metal options—they may chip or fracture.
  • Can cause more wear on opposing teeth.
  • May require more tooth removal than metal.

EMAX Crowns


  • Exceptional aesthetics, closely resembling natural teeth.
  • High strength and durability.
  • Conservative tooth preparation.


  • Can be more expensive than other materials.
  • May not be suitable for cases with heavy biting forces.
  • Requires a skilled technician for fabrication.

Which Crown Material Should I Choose?

So, which material should you choose from these options? It depends. There are several factors to consider when planning the material of a crown. Where will it be in your mouth? Will it be seen often? Do you need to chew on it? What is your budget? These are some of the questions your dentist will go over when they help you decide.

A dental crown is a collaborative process in this way, so it’s best to talk with your dentist. Call today and ask for a dental crown consultation. Together, you can discuss your options for crowns and work towards a fantastic and long-lasting result.

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